I Need a Little Structure

You will thank me for this.

In an effort to spare you all from my random ramblings and rants, I am structuring this blog as such. Each day of the week will be dedicated to its own theme.  I like the personal challenge for myself.  It encourages me to dig deeper, consider a broader range of education perspectives and issues.

Monday Madness and Ridiculousness in Education

  • dedicated to myths in education

Tuesday Tips, Tricks and Trip Ups

  • dedicated to little things that work, little things that trip us up

Wednesday Word

  • maybe a word of the day, maybe a profound statement by a critical thinker in education- someone who has the last word about something

Thursday Thingamajigs

  • dedicated to sharing actual things we use in classrooms which may include sensory tools, apps, materials, organization ideas

Friday Free For All

  • dedicated to answering, problem solving, brainstorming about challenges you and teachers I work with are trying to figure out. Please ask away.  Sometimes my answer may be to eat some chocolate

Hope to see you on Monday.


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