And then there is this gem…..

To help us all me catch my breath after three days of exploring Restraint and Seclusion, I invite you to watch the link below. I have watched this many, many times. It never fails to keep me charged up, advocating for change in the way we do school, especially the way we do school for our students with special needs. It reminds me to keep encouraging change in the way we see our students, the way we interact with them, the way we support them.

Because, we are doing it wrong. We are focusing on the wrong things. We got swept away in the raging river Control. We allowed ourselves to get lazy and we stopped questioning the validity of what we are doing. We drank that damn Kool Aide.

We are better than that. So start questioning. Take that first step.

Every Child Deserves a Champion.

images-25 This week has brought hundreds of you to my blog, so I know seclusion and restraint is on your minds. You can comment, email me privately or check out Knapsack’s web site here.

I need a nap.


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