If I Hear ‘Data Driven’ One More Time!

I am a huge proponent of collecting data and using it to guide program and placement decisions.

I am not a proponent of collecting the wrong data using the wrong tools that lead us to  wrong program and placement decisions.

What? Data isn’t data?

No. It is not.

And this is what I most abhor about data collection that has been developed by Pearson, PBIS, and other big machines in education. They have taken the critical thinking about behaviors out of the teacher’s hands. They have sold us a bill of goods that they have made data collection easy and efficient, relevant. They have removed us another few steps away from the humanness of our students, the humanness of ourselves as teachers.

Most importantly, when we use such one size fits all programs, we are no longer individualizing, using our keen observation, looking for the details, the more subtle nuances of student behaviors. It is in those nuances and details we find the answers. It is when we collect data about those subtle nuances that we learn about our students, find solutions and accommodations.

It is not ever in the broad sweep of generalized data collection that we find ways to help our students.

I feel a series of posts about data collection coming on… you have been warned.

Or maybe you are looking forward to it?




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