Owner of Knapsack Consulting, LLC

After 18 years in the classroom as special and alternative education teacher, I became adjunct professor in the special education department at a nearby university. I taught research-based strategies and behavior management courses, supervised student teachers and practicum level students for two years.  I started Knapsack so I could work directly with schools and teachers.

My areas of expertise include behavior management, program review, recommendations and support, de-escalating kids in crisis as a first responder, and working collaboratively with schools to find solutions.

I am the mother of three sons. Two are on the spectrum and trying to navigate high school. Most mornings are hell.



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi. I am happy I have found your blog. I share your frustration as a fellow Special Educator for the past 15 years. I am really heartbroken over this profession lately and just don’t think I can stay.


    1. Jackie, I am glad you found the blog because I really hope you will keep this dialogue going and guide me as I shed light on what is happening is schools. I am sad that you don’t think you can stay. I totally understand. And heartbroken is probably the best way to describe how so many etchers are feeling now. Thanks for reading. Jump in as you can.


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